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3 Reasons Why Radiant Barrier is Best Installed before Summer Comes


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3 Reasons Why Radiant Barrier is Best Installed before Summer Comes

Radiant Barrier is Best Installed before Summer Comes | Attic Cleaning Santa Monica, CA

Summer time is approaching - finally! After a long, cold, rainy, and for some of us even depressing winter, it's time to have fun and go out into the open once again, to the warm sunny beaches, hiking trails and natural reserves and parks. But what about your own private home? Sometimes the heat can be overwhelming and you want to stay at home for a breather. If you want to have a nice summer indoors also, check out the following three reasons why radiant barrier insulation is good for you.

  1. Preventing heat from entering and causing mold to prosper

    Radiant barrier is a reflective type of insulation that deflects the heat from the outside rather than absorbing it and transferring it into the house. This is exactly how you can keep the temperature at your home, and especially at your attic, stable and pleasant. Without radiant barrier insulation, your attic can get too warm and it might even get mold growing in it (which prospers in warm, dark, and moist places) – which might lead to health risks for your house's residents.
  2. Saving money and energy

    Without installing radiant barriers your home's air conditioning system will work extra hard and for a longer period of time, leaving you with redundantly higher electricity bills in addition to a great deal of energy waste, which is also bad for the environment. Want to save money and energy? You can do good both by your house as well as by the environment - install radiant barriers.
  3. Keeping the house warm

    The lack of thermal insulation doesn’t only mean that the heat will enter, and the air conditioning will work harder, it also means that it might get very hard and even impossible to cool your house during summer. While preventing the sun heat from penetrating, the radiant barrier insulation will also allow your home to stay a bit cooler, and when the air conditioning system works, it will be easier than ever to keep your house cool and comfortable during those hot summer days.

So, before you put your bathing suit and flip flops and head to the beach with your surfboard, take care of your home so that you can come back to a nice, cool and cozy place. Install radiant barrier insulation for your roof or attic in order to get better temperature control at your home in addition to saving money. For more information, contact our company.


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