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How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home


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How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home

Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home | Attic Cleaning Santa Monica, CA

Once they manage to get inside your attic, rodents look for two things – food for themselves and their young ones, and material they can use to build nests. Your attic insulation holds particular appeal to them. To prevent these pests from getting in, you need to make sure easy access points are eliminated, make it difficult for them to find food and reduce the amount of shelter materials available to them.

  • Look For Possible Access Points

Inspect your house thoroughly for possible entry points, remembering that rodents, especially mice, can easily sneak through a ¼” spaces. Cracks in windows, holes and openings in the foundations and the attic or roof, and the smallest gaps around pipes, cables, and vents, all need to be sealed. Steel wool, caulk or cement, and mesh wire if needed, can all be used to seal those entry points, depending on the location of course. Installing door sweeps is another good idea. Our experts will be happy to help you completely rodent proof your home.

  • Keep Your Kitchen Clean And Tidy

Rodents eat almost everything they find in the kitchen or in the trash. They also use cardboard, fabric and many other types of material to build their nests. To make your house as unattractive to them as possible you must make the food and nesting sources inaccessible. Always keep the kitchen clean from crumbs and spills and store food in glass or metal containers with airtight lids. Never leave pet food on the floor and make sure to dispose of garbage regularly and keep it in trashcans with lids. If you have leaky faucets and pipes make sure to get them fixed as soon as possible.

  • Deal With Infestation Quickly

One mouse or one rat in the house might be a sign of a large nest somewhere in your home or in an adjacent tree. Do not take it lightly - call our professionals as soon as possible so we can quickly find the nest and remove it. Droppings, urine smell, damaged attic insulation, and chewed paper or gnaw marks all indicate that a rodent nest is probably close by. Our experts at Attic Cleaning Santa Monica will place humane traps and safely removed any caught pest. Count on us to make sure your home is completely rodent proof.


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