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What Does Insulation Do?

Most people have at least heard of insulation, and you may have a vague idea what it is, but why is it so important? The insulation in your home, including in your attic, is what keeps your energy bill from being out of hand. It traps air inside so it can circulate and keep your home at a stable temperature. Without it, your heating and AC would need to run constantly, and the energy costs would be atrocious.

However, if you've noticed your spending seems to be increasing, ineffective attic insulation could be part of the issue.

What Might The Problem Be?

There are numerous troubles that can befall your attic's insulation over time. One factor is pests invading your house. If you're aware of rodents that have made their home in your attic, chances are that they dug into your insulation to use as nesting. Thus, its integrity is lowered, and so is its ability to work as well as before.

Another problem is if water has leaked into the attic. Not only will this harm the insulation, but mold can begin to grow and spread. This will eat into everything, including the wood, as well as potentially be a health hazard. Fire, and even just smoke, also poses a risk when it comes to lowering the effectiveness of your insulation.

Even age can be the culprit, as the insulation will degrade over time. It will begin to slouch and shift out of position, leaving cold spots as it does.

Let Us Get To Work!

Our professionals can install new insulation in a freshly built attic, add it to what's already there to create additional protection, or remove anything damaged. If removal is necessary, it will be done safely to make sure no pollution is created from loosened particles. Then, we can replace it with whatever type you decide on before you know it!

Why Wait Any Longer?

Don’t deal with fluctuating temperatures, and a growing energy bill! Instead, call Attic Cleaning Santa Monica, and let us help. We can also offer you professional crawl space cleaning and decontamination services.

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