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Can I repel mice with ammonia or cat urine?

Natural mice repellents such as peppermint oil, ammonia, cat urine, and even mothballs andcayenne pepper are often promoted as simple and non-lethal ways of preventing rodent infestation. However, rats and mice are not deterred by foul odors that humans don’t like. In fact, they are used to smells that we'd consider downright fowl, and easily avoid Naphthalene if placed in their way. The only ways to repel these critters is to rodent proof your house and keep them from being able to get inside it.

What does an attic insulation replacement entail?

A replacement means that old insulation will be removed and fresh material will be put in place. This is the best option for those with damaged insulation, or who want to replace it with something that's of a higher quality. A professional technician will ensure that it's carefully taken out and disposed of without particles being able to pollute the air, and then get the new insulation installed before you know it.

Can I decontaminate my attic on my own?

Unless you are a professional yourself, this is not recommended. Decontaminating an attic requires the use of a special spraying tool to carefully cover the entire attic with the sterilizing agent so that all areas are taken care of, especially hard to reach ones and the small corners that may otherwise be ignored. Protective gear must also be worn to protect the skin and lungs. If your attic isn't correctly decontaminated, you leave your household at risk of being infected with diseases.

Why should I get my crawl space cleaned?

Your crawl space is home to many important components of your home, from pipes running water, to insulation that helps keep the temperature steady and energy costs down. If there's dust building up or animal waste in your crawl space, destruction can occur to any number of these things. The vapor barrier may be harmed and allow moisture to corrode pipes and damage insulation, bugs may start to destroy the wood, etc. Keeping your crawl space clean helps keep your home safer!


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